How to Reduce Acne Scars

Most of us are familiar with acne and the terrible scars it leaves on the face, neck and other body parts. Although at times the scars are deep and hard to cover-up, there are ways to reduce them. Everyone would like to have beautiful skin and even for those who suffer from acne, it is possible to reduce the scars by adopting various treatments available.

Natural Treatments

The best way to reduce acne scars is to do it naturally using the different natural treatments that are easily available for everyone. These treatments do not cost much and can be used as they are.

The first very important way to reduce acne scars is to drink plenty of water. The recommended 8 glasses a day rule should be observed. Water is restorative and does a lot in improving the blood circulation thus also aiding in removing toxins and any other unhealthy substances from your body.

Aloe Vera gel or juice is also an excellent remedy for reducing acne scars. This wonder plant has very effective healing properties for the skin and can be used in its natural state. The gel can be applied directly onto the skin without any fear of negative reactions. If the plant itself is not available, there are products in the market made from pure Aloe Vera which can be purchased in most supermarkets, chemists and beauty shops.

Creams and Lotions

There are many creams and lotions like Meladerm (Civant Skin Care products) in the market produced specifically for those who desire to reduce acne scars. Lotions containing vitamin E oil are also excellent for reducing acne scars. There are lotions and creams that are obtained only by prescription and others that can be bought over the counter.

Medical Procedures and Cosmetic Surgery

Medical procedures and cosmetic surgery are also used to reduce acne scars. The cost is high but for those who can afford it; this is another option for a smoother, better looking skin. Laser resurfacing treatment is the most common medical procedure used to reduce acne scars.  This involves removing the top layer of the skin with the laser and is very effective even for those with very serious scarring.

There are people who choose a chemical peel to reduce acne scarring. This method is however not recommended for people with sensitive skin as it is highly uncomfortable and involves removing the top-most layer of skin by applying different chemicals to it.

There are different ways in which acne scars can be reduced. It is important to remember that the desired results cannot be acquired in one day. For some people it may take weeks; for others, it can be months or years. The important thing is that the results will be pleasing to everyone.

When buying creams and lotions to use in reducing acne scars, it is always advisable to consult a doctor or to seek the expert advice of a dermatologist.  For any medical procedures, always seek a second opinion is really appreciable and considerable.

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How to Hide Acne Scars

The condition of the skin is clean and without stains will certainly facilitate the application of make up, and the result would be perfect. But in reality, not all women have a clean face without blemishes or acne scars. The appearance of blemishes caused by acne often makes her upset. If it happens to you, of course stains or spots should be disguised to disguise the stain, can be done by using the foundation or makeup tools hider.

Here is some makeup tips to hide acne scars:


Foundation is the easiest solution for spots or hides acne scars. There are several types of foundation, which can be selected according to skin type and its uses.


This is species is the lightest, so it fits on select for everyday use and all skin types, especially oily skin. Liquid form is not too covering up the pores of the face. Even so, this liquid foundation is more durable. You should select a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 8 for using everyday


This is can disguise more stains, such as acne scars. As with any form of liquid, a cream foundation is more durable. Forms of creams contain more oil, making it more suitable for normal to dry skin, because it will give effect to cover the pores perfectly.


Foundation-shaped solid is usually water-based or oil. This foundation is more like because easier on the carried and used. Just stay brushed slightly with a sponge, the stain will be closed completely.


It should only be used as a stain hider when the party that needs glamorous makeup. Foundation of this type is usually oil-based, making it more suitable for dry skin.


Foundation type is very easy to use and perfect for skin that just needs a thin coating, aka not many parts that must be disguised. For the election in recommend choosing a foundation color that match the skin color. But if the stains clearly visible choose a color that one level is darker than skin color. Avoid colors that much different skin color as to make the skin look whiter.

This will cause the face look like a mask. If you want to change the color, select a level foundation whose color is darker or lighter. And for more natural results, use a mixture of dark and light foundation to near skin color. If the color is darker foundation, use a powder with a lighter color of skin to look natural.

Makeup tools hider

Makeup tools hider in use when the use of foundation unable to cover or disguise the spots or stains on the face. In fact, this makeup tools hider can be used to cover or disguise any shortcomings in the face. For example, wrinkles or black shadows under the eyes.

Forms makeup tools hider too diverse, there is a liquid, cream, stick, until the pencil. For color selection are suggested to choose an approach for facial skin color perfect. Owner dark skin, you should choose beige. Being the owner of lighter skin should choose a translucent color. Basically select the color makeup tools hider to the one younger than skin color.

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How to Clean Acne Scars

Acne scars are an unwanted condition which mostly hit the young people within the age group of 18 to 20 years, but it can hit anyone anytime.  Acne scars can appear anywhere on the human body, but it is considered worst when it starts appearing on the visible to other areas, most importantly on face or forehead. Although the condition is not life threatening but no one appreciates it because of its impact on the facial beauty. Furthermore, the disease has the habit of leaving permanent scars as ‘aftershocks’ for life. There are many ways through which acne scars can be cleaned to be removed completely or minimize. None of the solutions that will be discussed works after first application, consistent use of the solution is mandatory to make sure the Acne Scars are gone for good.

It does not really matter which treatment you have chosen as it is totally as per your discretion. However, changing the diet is an important step toward the success.  Unnecessary fats, starch and sugar must be avoided and more and more healthy diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables must be included. Guess what, even if you are not suffering from the acne scars still the healthy diet is good for you, so there is no harm whatsoever in changing the diet pattern for good.

  • Tomato is known to be a good agent against Acne scar. The procedure is quite simple. Take a slice of tomato and rub it over the skin (the infected parts). Repeat the procedure for few days and positive results are certain.
  • Honey is also very beneficial for the acne scar. Just take two tablespoons of acceptable to your skin warm honey, apply it overnight and wash your face with warm water in the morning. Don’t let your partner come near you during the night, as calling honey and having honey on honey are two different things.
  • Lemon’s juice, Orange juice, egg whites if applied can give satisfactory results against the acne scars problem. Similarly applying garlic, coriander, Turmeric powder, aloe vera on the scars has also known to give the good results for fighting acne scars. Apart from lemon and orange juice their peels also show very fair results for Acne scar condition.

These were all natural solutions but there are few other solutions available for Acne scars like usage of Baking soda. Applying Baking Soda over the scars for a couple of minutes, two times per days for about a week is enough to get rid of the problem. There are drugs and ointments available, which are useful when the problem has spread too much into the body. Laser treatment is a newer method, and it basically peels off the old skin, and the new skin is expected to be Acne Scars free.   

It is important to know your allergies before going for any of the ways to clean Acne scars. Once more, consistency is the key for successful removal of the Acne scars.

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Types of Acne Scars

Acne is one of the most common problems that is faced by teenagers all around the world, and often adults can be affected as well. When a pimple or acne lesion heals it leaves behind a red mark or at times a hyper pigmented mark on the skin. This could go away with time but there are a lot of occasions where the marks persist. Thus acne can lead to acne scars. Below is a simple breakdown of various acne scars types.

The acne scars types could be broadly classified or put into two types:

  1. That causes loss of tissue which is called atrophic, which is called a Pitted acne scar type
  2. Which is caused by excess tissue also called hyper trophic, which is also called Pigmented acne scar type.

Being more specific acne scar types would fall into one of these four types:

  1. Ice pick scars – Pitted
  2. Boxcar scars – Pitted
  3. Rolling scars – Pitted
  4. Keloid scars – Pigmented

Ice Pick scars

The name says it all. A scar resembling a scar left behind because of an attack by an ice pick. They are small, narrow and very deep. It is so deep that they penetrate the skin or the dermal layer. They show their presence when a cyst or a similar blemish shows up onto the skin. The tissue is then destroyed leaving back a scar that resembles an ice pick injury. Common treatments for this type of scar are punch grafting or punch excision.

Boxcar scars

The appearance for these scars is round or oval depressions. They have steep vertical sides. Like an ice pick scar they are pitted but are wider than ice pick scars. They are developed when the skin lose collagen. When collagen is lost some tissue on the skin gives way. This in turns makes the skin looking pitted. Common treatments for this type of scar are dermal fillers or laser resurfacing.

Rolling scars

The appearance is of a wave-like skin on an otherwise smooth skin. They are developed when lose tissue develop between the epidermis and the subcutaneous tissue that is below. This causes pulling of the epidermis and the skin appears to be of the wave form or the rolling form at that particular spot. Common treatments are subcision.

Keloid scars

Not very common and is mostly found on the torso of men. They appear as if a lump of mass has accumulated at the acne spot. They are caused by over production of collagen. Common treatments are steroids, tape or injections that could flatten or soften the tissue. They are often similar to hypertrophic acne scars.

Whatever the treatment for any of the acne scar types make sure that the problem is met head on and is solved before it wreaks havoc in the minds. Prevention of acne is one of the better remedies to avoid acne scars. The acne scar types could be mild or severe but definitely not to be overlooked as it may cause depression or loss of self confidence in some teens.

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What Causes Acne Scars

Scars are usually caused by different sorts of wounds which when heal cause a scar, hence scars are basically a part of skin healing process. Usually when there are superficial injuries, no scars are formed. It is when the skin layers are injured that scars are formed. Scars are usually formed by and inflamed and swollen area which is often a result of cystic acne, pustule or papules. An individual’s skin becomes inflamed when you do not take proper care of your skin and the pores of your skin are engorged with bacteria and dead skin. This further causes the pores to swell up and skin lesions are causes. Some times acne is also causes by hormonal imbalance in an individual. This can be worrying as cystic acne can be caused by it. Such individuals are advised to consult the dermatologist and after their problem is solved then they should worry about the scarring caused. Serious lesions which leave a dark scar are usually caused when there is a break out deeper in the follicle.

There is a preventive mechanism developed by our skin to prevent it from different external factors. Usually when there is an inflamed area and a lesion is caused, to repair the damage caused to the external surface of our skin, the repair mechanism causes the formation of new collagen fibers. Collagen is a protein produced by our skin for strength and flexibility. Some times more than required collagen is made, this causes hypertrophic scars and kelloids are formed but this does not happen a lot and usually normal scars are formed which can be treated. For every individual having acne scars causes a lot of unwanted stress. There are different factors causing acne. Firstly as told earlier, the pores get filled with dirt and oil and hence the bacteria present on the superficial layer of the skin help to inflame the skin. Then different sorts of hormonal imbalances can also contribute towards this problem. Certain kinds of hormones called androgens, which are present in both sexes but more in men, help to cause acne. These androgens usually cause to enlarge the oil secreting glands in our skin due which oil secretion is increased. This phenomenon causes pores present in the superficial layer of the skin to get engorged with oil and dirt and hence further bacterial action causes acne. A female hormone known as estrogen also plays its part as one of its functions is to regularize cholesterol.

Therefore, a dermatologist may suggest that you take birth control pills, which stabilize the estrogen levels in a female. Acne may also be caused by the genetic factor which means that if it runs in your family, you may also get it.  There are different kinds of acne scars. One might be caused due to non-inflammatory lesions and the other might be caused due to inflammatory ones. Blackheads and white heads usually and the inflammatory lesions may be caused by bacterial action on dirt and oil clogged pores in facial skin.

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