Acne Scars Cream

In today’s world more than half of the population is affected by acne. Acne scars result from failure to treat even mild acne lesions. A normal acne on the skin leave behind serious acne scars which cannot be removed easily. It can range from deep pits to scars depending on the acne conditions.

Acne scars are of different types and hence it is difficult to determine the best treatment method. It can be treated through surgical scar removal, laser procedures or acne scar removal cream. The best treatment among these is the acne scar removal cream. This cream may cure the acne scars very slowly but it the best method to treat the scars and also the cheapest. It is one of the most convenient methods. This novel and easy solution that addresses the root cause of acne and acne scars is widely used by most of the people.

Acne scars cream consists of ingredients that nourish the skin deep within. An important component of this cream is quinine, which is important for improving the color tone of the darker skin cells. Since acne scars are known to adopt a deep dark red color, this component helps to reduce it. It also improves the softness of the skin. Quinone has many multi treatment values in it. It can cure darks pots, wrinkles, stretch marks etc. If the acne scars are brown in color, one should bleach with quinine along with the acne scar cream. This is very helpful in removing the scars.

Another important component of this is the Retinol. It is produced from Vitamin A. It penetrates the lower layers of the skin and also repairs the acne scars. It also provides the skin with elastin, which is important for a healthy skin.

Acne scars cream has vitamin-E, vitamin-C, chamomile, aloe extracts, lavender oils which are necessary for a healthy skin, without providing irritants. The cream stimulates anti-microbial peptides on the skin, inhibits the release of biological irritants, which otherwise destroys healthy tissues, dissolves clogged pores, melts hardened sebum and digests all types of scar tissues, con trolls acne bacteria and prevents and gets rid of acne scars.

Skin type is an important factor to determining the right acne scar cream.  One must first determine what type of skin they have and only then choose the right acne product.

One should be very persistent when using the acne scars cream. This is because the cream will repair the scars very slowly but permanently. The cream should be used continuously even after seeing some better results.  One should not stop using the cream until it is cured permanently, else the scars may appear again.
Just apply a little cream for acne scar removal on the areas affected with discipline twice every day. It may take 2 or 3 months to see improvements depending on how deep and old are the acne marks.  Disciplined use of this acne scar cream will have better results and finally yields something as precious as a Pearl: soft and healthy skin.

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Anti-Acne Scar Products

Acne, one of the biggest problems faced by teenagers the world over. This disease is due to the bodily changes in adapting to the hormonal imbalances within. Testosterone is said to cause acne. Testosterone is a boy’s hormone but to make it, a boy’s body has to produce a female hormone first. The testosterone produced breaks out of your body through the skin causing all the problems. This does not mean that you have abnormal levels of testosterone in you. It is just that your skin does not know how to react to this. The body starts producing oil on your skin called Sebum. When the tubes holding your body hair become gummy, they block Sebum. This results in pimples or Acne.

When a pimple or acne lesion heals it leaves behind a red mark or at times a hyper pigmented mark on the skin. This could go away with time but there are a lot of occasions where the marks could lead to depression.

Acne scars are broadly classified as pitted or pigmented. Pitted are the ones that could be of varying types for example keyloid acne scars or ice pick scars. The keyloid is not a common one and these scars are indicted because the skin produces too much of collagen. This can be treated with one or more of the following:

  1. Injections of steroids into the scars
  2. Silicone gel dressing
  3. Crytotherapy
  4. Surgery

The ice pick scars could be cured by surgery or derma brasion. Derma brasion means applying a local anesthetic and brushing through the surface of the skin. Punch grafting or surgery is the other technique used in this. The procedure is cutting down through the fat and then grafting a layer of skin. Subcision is another surgical procedure that could be used to take care of these kinds of scars.

Pigmented scars are easier to heal and applying anti acne scar products is of a lot of help. It is often the case where the old blemishes have not gone and the new ones arrive. These scars are in a vicious cycle meaning that the previous one is not completely healed and you find that a new lesion has already been developing. This leaves many people with acne feeling that they would never ever have brighter, fresher looking skin. Exposure of the skin to sunlight can be damaging to your skin and if you have acne it can worsen it. So applying a good sunscreen is not only important but a must. There are certain medications that are present over the counter in the market that can be used to cure these.

Dermatologists the world over are coming up with new techniques and new products that  raise hope that a permanent cure or better still a prevention method which is sure shot or mechanism would be found for this problem that has been nagging the human kind for ages. Till that time these techniques can be a boon for acne scar sufferers.

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Removing Acne Scars

Acne is not just a rite of passage for adolescents. Acne would begin as late as age 25 or 30. Women, have constantly fluctuating hormones so they are likely suffer from acne. There are many factors affect the appearance of acne as family history of acne and exposure to stress.

How Acne Develops

Your skin cells are renewal in continuously. As the old cells die, they blend with the skin’s natural oil and are shed. When some people do not get off dead skin cells periodically. The result is sticky cells. These sticky cells blend with oil and form a plug. This plug is called a comedo. The comedo holds the oil and bacteria in the follicle, which begins to swell as the skin produces more oil. When the body start fighting with sending white blood cells to swarm around the follicle and kill the bacteria, the result is a pimple. You can read more about what causes acne scars here.

Kinds of Acne Scarring

There are different types of acne scarring. Ice pick scarring, atrophic scarring and hypertrophic scarring are the most common.

Treatment of Acne Scars

Acne scarring is permanent but can be treated. All the acne should be clear before treating scarring. If the acne is not cleared new scars form and the procedures are wasted. The most effective treatments are surgical and there are many types.


Mechanical resurfacing of the skin and involves the use of abrasive tools to remove the outer layers of the skin to produce an improved appearance.

Motorized dermabrasion

Motorized dermabrasion is a medium-deep or deep procedure and employs the use of a motorized brush or diamond cylinder. These tools are used to remove the outer layers of the skin in a controlled setting.

Manual dermasanding

In manual derma sanding the physician abrades the skin with silicone carbide sandpaper.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is used for the treatment of acne scarring. All lasers use a high-energy beam of light that targets specific structures in the skin. Laser resurfacing is ablative meaning that it destroys the outer layers of the skin.


Subcision has been used for atrophic scarring. Local anesthesia is used and a needle is then inserted under the scar and gently moved underneath the skin to release the scar tissue.

Punch excision and grafting

For deep ice pick scars, the only effective treatment is complete removal of the scar. In this case, a deep, large scar is traded for a tiny line scar that can later be treated to further blend into the rest of the skin. Larger scars can be removed and then filled with a skin graft, taken from skin. Grafts are later contoured with dermabrasion to blend them into the rest of the skin.


Fillers are substances that add volume to the skin. It can be used alone or in combination with other procedures. Fillers can improve the appearance of acne scars by flattening the scar but their effect is temporary. The lesions must be re-injected at fixed intervals.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels produce controlled injury to the skin that promotes the growth of new skin with an improved appearance.

Controlling acne by prevention

Prevention is the secret to acne controlling. Even after blemishes disappear; try to use an effective acne treatment evenly to keep new ones from forming.

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Best Makeup for Acne Scars

Every woman likes beauty, especially on her face, and makeup become routine for woman at any time and anywhere. Under normal conditions, natural makeup woman and this can be done quickly, but when the conditions are there facial acne scars then makeup can become a serious activity and long to be done.

Before the makeup for acne scars, it’s good to know the natural makeup. It is done to keep the face looking radiant and beautiful. Never leave a natural makeup though just go to the supermarket.

Before applying makeup for acne scars:

  • Apply moisturizer and foundation type of liquid to cover the stain lightly and select colors to suit your skin
  • Apply the face powder, especially for oily skin
  • To be more impressed fresh face, apply blush on the thin.
  • Pinch your lashes without mascara for a natural appearance, but if you will take exercise, give waterproof mascara.
  • In order to look more perfect eyebrows, apply a colored eyebrow pencil light brown for lips that look natural and charming, dab lips gloss.
  • To cover up acne scars or dark spots, usually women use heavy makeup. However, sometimes makeup can not hide all these scars. The best way to overcome this scar is eliminate them naturally and quickly. You need a little time and patience to get rid of existing acne scars on your face. However, disguise with makeup is the best way you can do. The best makeup for acne scars is use makeup tools hider.
  • The form of this tool can be a stick, cream or liquid and usually equipped with tea-tree extract, so that in addition to functioning to cover acne or acne scars, and also help eradicate the bacteria that cause acne. The colors also vary, not only limited to just skin color and every color has a different function.
  • To cover the reddish acne scars, you can use a green
  • To cover the black spot on the face, is very suitable to use makeup tools hider that is yellow or light to perfect the use of green and yellow conceal used beige color or natural color.

Here are tips on using hider makeup equipment for acne scars:

  1. After use foundation, apply “makeup tools hider” with a sponge or brush on acne scars (green) or black spots (yellow / light) in the face. Do not apply using a finger; in addition to more difficult, not tidy it is also possible we were not clean finger.
  2. Apply natural or beige concealed onto the application in step 1.
  3. Apply powder / compact powder.

Now, best makeup for acne scars has been done and you can perform with confidence. In addition to camouflage acne, the best way is to eliminate them. Few tips to remove acne scars are with honey. Honey is known to be very good for the regeneration of skin wounds and sores rapidly to assist the recovery process, Long time ago honey is widely used as medicine for external wounds, you can find information about the benefits of honey for the skin on the internet to make sure that the honey can also be used to eliminate scars. The scar on the face skin often becomes a problem unresolved. Appearances will look less attractive with these injuries lines.

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How to Cover Acne With Makeup

Each and every one in the world would like to have themselves to be more attractive. Doing makeup on daily basis is one of the regular activities for men and women especially for teenage people to be attracted by others. Acne and acne scarring is one of the skin diseases which mainly affects on faces due to high secretion of oil. Usually acne affects the people with the age group ranges between 10 years up to maximum 40 years. You can find a quicker remedy if you taken treatment initially. In case if you are unable to find out which kind of disease, then consulting proper physician will prevent better. Some of the people who affected from this disease will lose their self confidence and even many of the teenage people are committing suicide. You can cure this acne either by through taking the natural medicine or taking english medicine. With the advancement in technology, some of the people are undergoing for laser treatment. In case if there is any urgent situation arises to hide acne, then the following ways are applicable.

Make-up For Covering Acne:

There are three steps that are followed to cover the acne by doing makeup. But you should use the branded products in order to avoid further problems.
Initially apply ‘Concealer’ in a light way directly to the affected area. Apply the cream in to the facial sponge which is easily disposable and use it sparingly. You can apply as much as your skin takes but the layer should not be too thickly in order to avoid terrible look after it get dries.

The next step is applying a foundation cream. The cream should be taken in a disposable sponge and apply to the affected area and give some massage. Use a large makeup brush to apply oil-free powder in thin layer. It just give you shine and even it will give you a finished look. You should not dip concealer applicator in to the bottle directly and must avoid reapplying of concealer in order to prevent from bacteria. The foundation sponge is also should not be reused. While applying these things, you must not give more press to the acne. It must be applied gently and carefully in order to avoid irritation. There should be time gap for taking this makeup and should not be used frequently. You must clean it as soon as you are returning home or before going to bed and let the skin to breath in fresh air.


You must take only the oil-free makeup kits which gives perfect match to your skin. You should not undertake any laser treatment for hiding these things. You should follow proper beauty magazine and other standard source for getting useful information for remedies and must not follow any local agent’s advice. There will also have a suitable tattoos to cover the acne but only best branded products should be used. To avoid all these you must take care of your skin properly. Take some time to do face wash on warm water at least twice in a day in order to avoid these entire unwanted disturbances to the skin.

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Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Acne scars is a chronic skin condition that occurs when fatty, oily materials clog the pores of the skin. Acne, should immediately treated, to avoid possibly resulting permanent scarring on the face, neck, and back.

When are home acne scar remedies helpful?

Acne natural remedies are popular. If you have more than just an occasional pimple, most acne home remedies aren’t going to have an appreciable effect. Save yourself a lot of frustration disappointment, and money, by seeing a physician about your acne first.

Some advices before using acne home remedies:

  • You should be wary of any company trying to sell their “miracle” acne treatment. As such these acne home remedies should be used for academic purposes only. Never use any home remedy or other self treatment without being advised to do so by a doctor.
  • Just use common sense when making kitchen facial masks. Many popular acne home remedies call for lemon, garlic, cinnamon or cloves. When applied to the skin, these can lead to contracting dermatitis.

Acne home remedies that works

Many people like using acne home remedies. There are some acne home remedies that actually helpful. Here are the best acne home remedies. There are several ways of treating acne at home. We are going to address the ones that are easily prepared and always available.

  • Aloe Vera that is taken internally is effective in treating acne. Apply the juice on skin areas that have acne.
  • Rose water mixed with sandalwood paste can also be applied on the face for 30 minutes, then rinse it off.
  • Cucumber paste can be applied on the face and should be left for about 30 minutes, then rinse it off. This serves as good refreshment for the skin, as well as an effective acne prevention cream.
  • Fresh garlic can be rubbed on the affected areas. This remedy has a very effective antiseptic property that will dry out acne. Regardless it can be pretty smelly.
  • Cumin seeds Paste is also an effective treatment for acne. Apply the paste on the skin for about one hour before rinsing it off.
  • Water and powdered Neem leaves paste can also be applied on the affected skin as an acne treatment.
  • You can apply Lavender oil can also be directly skin areas with acne.
  • Apply Paste from the mixture of little water and ground orange peel on affected skin areas with acne.
  • Cooked oatmeal can also be applied on the skin for about 15 minutes, then rinse it off.
  • The mixture of avocado paste and water can be a good facial wash.
  • A warm bath with rosemary and blanch of nettle can also help in softer skin.
  • Apply Egg white on acne remedy when applied on the acne for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Ground bay leaves that are blanched in water and are cooled afterwards can also be applied on the skin with acne.
  • Lavender compresses are helpful to relieve the inflammation of acne.
  •  Paste from the mixture of powdered and roasted pomegranate and fresh lemon juice can be applied over blackheads, pimples, and acne.

Remedies for acne that can be done at home are really easy to come up with. Get the appropriate supplementation of vitamins and minerals achieve best results.

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Natural Remedies for Acne Scars

A teen having a date is more worried about a pimple or acne showing up than the date itself. This is one of a major challenges faced by the teenagers all around the globe. Acne is caused by hormonal imbalances happening in the body. Testosterone is said to be the root of all this. When it breaks out of your body through the skin it is called acne. This does not by any means mean that you have an imbalance of this hormone. For a matter of fact this hormone is produced in your body at the adolescence age with the body hair. It is just that your body skin is not finding the right way to throw away excess of this. There are umpteenth remedies for acne. But having natural remedies for acne is the most searched after thing on the internet by the teens. This problem of acne, though mild is seen to drive many teenagers to depression and they lose self confidence.

Natural remedies for acne are the most sought after as there are thousands of people suffering from this horrible problem and there are tens of thousands of companies out there trying to sell their anti-acne products. These products might sound good enough to solve your problem and lead you to an acne free world but these products might contain unknown chemicals or harmful chemicals. These chemicals may cause some adverse reactions in your body or to your skin or its side effects could last for long or at a very extreme case for the life time of a person.

One of the best known natural home remedies for acne is to drink lots of water. Drinking lots of water would result in your body throwing out toxins that would prevent acne. A list of other known natural remedies for acne is given below:

  • Keeping your hair and your hands off your face. Both your hair and hands contain oils that could wreak havoc on your face if you are having pimples
  • This is the most common thing that a teen does, pinching or popping one’s pimple. Do not, I repeat do not under any circumstances pinch or pop your pimple. This will definitely worsen the acne problem.
  • Changing your bedding and your pillow covers will definitely help in not worsening the acne problem. As you lay through the night the oil from your face and your hair would collect onto your bedding. This if touched upon can worsen your acne problem.
  • Makeup and lotions are to be avoided as they contain oils that worsen acne. The layer on the skin becomes superficial where as the oil within these products seep into the skin and cause a disaster to your acne problem.
  • There are certain foods that a dietician may advice. This too works as the intake that you have is free from oils that can worsen acne.

These natural remedies for acne list can be used as a starting point for your fight against acne. Here is wishing you success against your fight with acne and hoping a acne free life for you.

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Acne Scarring Solutions

Acne scarring is a very common skin ailment among the young people in teens and in 20s, though in exceptional cases the condition can also be found in elders as well.  Mostly, it is a temporary condition and is expected to be ended itself with the passage of time. However, the real problem occurs when it gets permanent or gets so bad for patient’s comfort. Acne scars can appear anywhere on the human body, but they are most undesired on the parts that are visible to others like face, hands, etc.  The silver lining is that for most of the cases, there are many Acne scarring solutions and treatments available that can reduce or if the patient is lucky get rid of the scarring from the root for good.

Acne scarring solutions vary from natural treatments to cosmetic products designed to combat against the scarring problems. The real issue is always the correct diagnosis to identify the root cause and then going for any of the solutions available. Once the diagnosis is made then based on the expert opinion and root cause, any viable solution could be adopted. Among the natural Acne scarring solution honey, aloe vera, icing, cucumber juice, lemon, tomato face masks, egg whites are very popular and known to be extremely effective. Whereas, with the enhancement in research and technology ointments based and other methods like Chemical peels, Laser resurfacing have also gained rather quick popularity as a treatment option.  Few people link the Acne scarring with the troubled stomach, and they suggest yogurt as the solution to get rid of the problem. However, it must be noted that so far no medical study supporting this argument and remedy.  Most of the remedies discussed above are known to be effective for treating acne scars, and you can start any one or combination based on the intensity of the problem.

Natural acne scarring solutions are generally preferred by those who want to avoid any side effects. Although, there are no known side effects of the unnatural methods discovered so far, but may be the very thought of laser bombardment on face is unacceptable for many. Key to the Acme scarring treatment is the consistency of the treatment. Barring the laser treatment, none of the solutions give results immediately, so the person suffering from the acme scarring condition needs to be patient with the treatment. Diet plays an important role in avoiding the diseases in the first place and even after the scarring has taken place on the human body. Avoiding starch, fats and starches and having the organic fruits and vegetables diet for few days is essential, irrespective of the treatment the patient has opted for.

Perfect success is not guaranteed by any method, but going for any treatment, especially the natural ones, increase the chance of treating the disease without much difficulty.  If the disease getting worse and none of the acme scarring solutions seem to work, then it only makes sense to consult a proper medical practitioner for detailed treatment.

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How to Treat Acne Scars

Acne is a skin problem faced by many people these days. It is caused by multiple factors which can cause a lesion to your skin. These include pores clogged by dirt, oil, dead skin and bacteria. Also there are different types of scarring caused by these lesions. There may be superficial and deep scars. The superficial scars are caused by non-inflammatory lesions where as deep scars are caused when pores have been clogged by bacteria which cause our immune system to cause inflammation and hence deep scars are produced. It usually occurs on the face but some times it may occur on your chest and back. Scars on an individual’s skin can cause a source of misery and tension. It can alter the way an individual looks like and lower his or her self esteem and confidence. Therefore it is very important for you to know that how to treat acne scars.

There are different kinds of scars produced by acne. They may include hypertrophic scars and hypotrophic scars. Scars are formed at the site of injury. It is preventive mechanism caused by our skin. One should not worry as acne scars can be treated. If an individual has an oily skin, it is advised that they wash their skin at least twice a day. This maneuver would help to remove excess dirt and oil from the clogged pores. If you wash your skin with slightly warm salty water, it would act as an antiseptic and help to wear down the acne. You should not use any harsh and grainy scrubs because that would worsen your acne. Also putting on a good sunscreen would also help a lot. One should avoid touching the effected area of skin again and again, this would spread your acne. There are many other ways which can help you treat your acne scars. There is punch grafts used which replaces the scarred skin.

Another sort of cosmetological procedure which requires laser resurfacing can help to reduce acne scars. In this modern age when every one wants to look beautiful, acne scars provide a great source of discomfort. Dermabrasion is one the several treatments used to reduce acne scars. Some times icing down the acne before going to bed also reduces acne scars. If the acne scars are very deep and dark then taking chemical peels may solve your problem. A dermatologist should be consulted before taking any sort of treatment as it may worsen your acne.

Skin specialists from world over advice their patients to take medicine tretinoin because it speeds up skin turn over procedure which helps to reduce acne scars. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, you can even use some really affordable methods to reduce your acne scars. These may include egg white, fresh cucumber juice and honey. When you apply these to your skin, it may soothe and relax your skin. Hence there are several ways available which may help you to reduce your acne scars effectively.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

There was a time when those who had acne scars felt that they were doomed to live with the scars for the entire length of their lives. Today, this has changed. Acne scars can be removed by different treatments and it is possible to have smooth and clear skin.

The best way to get rid of acne scars is to avoid getting scarred in the first place. Sometimes acne is caused by genetic factors and sometimes it is not. Personal health and hygiene go a long way in determining how serious the cases are. Different treatments can be effected when acne starts to develop. This way it is possible sometimes to avoid scarring. Dermatologists can be consulted and different therapies and skin care creams can be prescribed.

For those who are unable to avoid the scarring caused by acne, there are different treatments that help to get rid of acne scars. Some people use natural methods and others prefer medical procedures. Treatment is prescribed according to individual needs. Here are some of the most effective and common treatments available.

Laser treatments

Laser treatments which include the ablative and non-ablative laser are used by many people. The ablative laser is used for resurfacing or peeling the outer layer of skin while the non-ablative laser works under the skin without causing any damage to the outer layer of skin. Although it takes a while to heal in most cases it produces favorable results of a smoother scar-free skin surface.

Collagen Implantation

This medical procedure is done by injecting collagen, a natural protein under the skin below the depressions in the scars. This works on the skin by elevating the scarred parts to the same level as the unscarred skin thus creating a smooth surface.

Punch Grafting

This procedure is performed using a surgical instrument; the punch which is used to graft tiny bits of skin to the scarred areas.

Natural Methods

Although many people opt for dermatologic surgery to smoothen the scars caused by acne, there are also some natural treatments that can be used with great success. Natural treatments are very effective and also very user friendly.

  • Lemon juice is highly recommended for getting rid of acne scars. Because of its acidic nature, the lemon juice causes the scars to fade and in time they become invisible.
  • Cucumber juice is also another way to get rid of acne scars. It is not acidic like the lemon but it has the same bleaching effect and can be left on the skin for long periods of time.
  • Olive Oil is another excellent natural remedy for getting rid of acne scars. Its healing properties are extensive especially on damaged skin.
  • Exfoliating the skin regularly can also help to get rid of acne scars. Because exfoliation removes dry skin, it encourages re-growth of new skin cells.

All of these natural methods are safe to use. It is however important to always remember that change does not happen overnight. Each process must be given time to take effect.

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